Workshop Nanotoxicology & Environment Bucharest November 2012


Bucharest, November 12-13, 2012

Nanotoxicology and Environment in AFM for Life Sciences

Organized at Romanian National Library

This meeting is connected to WG4 activities.



In the light of human toxicology related problems and environmental problems we plan to address the following issues:

a) what is specific to AFM that cannot be achieved by other techniques,

b) standards in environmental experiments with AFM,

c) metals and biological material,

d) which characteristics of engineered NP are of interest  in nanotoxicology studies.

Additional suggestions are welcomed.



Toxicology of nanoparticles. An overview.

Author: Raluca-Ioana van Staden



Local Organizer: Marius Enachescu

This is a 2 days 3 nights (120 €)  max 5 meals Worshop.