AFM Recipes

Aim of the project

Realization of a database of practical notes explaining how to realize AFM experiments (imaging in liquid, pulling, nanomechanical tests,...) and/or how to carry out actions propedeutical to AFM experiments (producing and calibrating probes, functionalizing substrates, processing data...). The recipes aim at providing those practical indications that papers often do not offer; notes should condensate the experience, skills and art of AFM experts, and make them available to a broader community.


Who will participate?

A group of volunteers self-assembled during the first Workshop on Education held in Camogli last April 2013. These braves are already at work to prepare a first reduced version of the AFM recipes booklet.

All members of COST Action TD1002 are very welcome to give their contributions, communicating their willing to participate to A. Podestà and using this template to fomat the document:



What about dissemination of the recipes?

Each AFM recipe, once ready, will be linked on this page so that other TD1002 Action members will be able to use it and comment on it. Discussion on recipes will be hosted on the Action Forum (here).

Once considered mature (upon final agreement of contributors), recipes will be posted on a suitable public page of TD1002 Action website and disseminated, possibly collected in a booklet. Publication on a suitable scientific journal will be considered.


Available protocols

Cleaning silicon and gold-coated substrates for SPM measurements (R. Panajotovic, PDF, 29/11/2013, ver 1.0)

How to fixate cells for AFM experiments (H. Oberleithner, PDF, 10/10/2013, ver 2 - supporting materials here)

Preparation of hydrophobic surfaces (M. Papi, PDF, ver. 1.0)

UV/Ozone box fabrication (J.-L. Pellequer et al., PDF, 01/08/2013, ver 0.2)

Production of adhesive-free borosilicate glass colloidal probes (A. Podestà, PDF, ver 1.1)

Preparation of a DVD sample for XY calibration (B. Tiribilli, PDF, ver. 1.0)


Works in progress

Tip grafting, substrate grafting

Preparation of marine samples

Cantilever calibration