The Management Committee

Action Organisation

The COST Action is coordinated by a Management Committee (MC)* assisted by a Core Group (CG). The CG is composed of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Action, 5 nominated Leaders for the Working Groups (WGs) and 1 Task Coordinators (TCs). Each of the 5 WGs is coordinated by the WG leader with one assisting colleague. Each WG is composed of at least 5 experts including the Leader and Vice-Leader.

The core-group consists of the Chair and Vice Chair, Working Group Leaders, and Grant Holder Administrator:

                                               Chair: Pierre Parot (France)     Vice Chair: Hans Oberleithner (Germany)     

WG1 Leader: Simon Scheuring (France)              

WG2 Leader: Salvatore Cannistraro (Italy) 

WG3 Leader Peter Schön (The Netherlands)

WG4 Leader: Vesna Svetlicic (Croatia)                   

WG5 Leader:  Ricardo Garcia (Spain)

Grant Holder Administrator  Jean-Luc Pellequer (France)            

The MC unanimously elected Paolo Facci (Italy) and Daniel Navajas (Spain) as the financial rapporteurs.

                                                 Alessandro Podesta is the leader of the Educational Side.

DC Rapporteurs: Prof. Pavle ANDJUS (RS)

DC Rapporteurs: Prof. Spiros H. ANASTASIADIS (EL)

Science officer of the Action: Dr Giuseppe LUGANO (formerly 2010-2012  Dr Magdalena RADWANSKA)

Administrative officer of the Action: Ms Anja VAN DER SNICKT

* on old COST website