MC Meeting & Workshop AFM for Drug Discovery / Standardization and Education Dubrovnik 26-27 September 2013


MC Meeting on Friday 27 (morning) September 2013

MC Meeting will happen on Friday morning.

Accorging to COST rules, this is a 1 day, 2 nights (120€) meeting.


MC/WG Meeting on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 (afternoon) September 2013

Accorging to COST rules, this is a 2 day, 3 nights (120€) meeting.



Thursday morning: Workshop on Drug Discovery

The session will be a join event with  the 3rd World Conference on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development. COST Action members can freely participate at the joint session. For those who wish to participate at the whole IAPC meeting reduced registration fees are applied. Please visit the website of the IAPC conference by clicking the picture below. Additional info can be obtained at

A very nice excursion at Ston and its very old saltwork on Wednesday afternoon including a dinner is organized. COST Action members who do not participate at IAPC meeting and wish to go to excursion are expected to pay the whole amount which is expected to be around 40-50 €.


Local Organizer: Vesna Svetlicic & Zoran Mandic


Thursday, September 26th, Joint PCMDDD-3 & COST Action TD 1002 session (Lecture room Coral, Hotel Neptun)


Chairs: Vesna Svetličić and Pierre Parot
Ratnesh Lal, Srinivasan Ramachandran, Fernando Teran Arce, Preston Landon, University of California San Diego, USA, AFM Nanoimaging and nanomechanics for nanomedicine,
Robert Henderson, University of Cambridge, UK, G-quadruplex DNA and DNA origami: Insights from atomic force microscopy
Coffee break
Jean-Luc Pellequer, Shu-wen W. Chen, Michael Odorico, Jean-Marie Teulon, Pierre Parot, Rui C. Chaves, CEA, France, Structural dynamics of single molecules using Atomic Force Microscopy
Michael Przybylski, Stefan Slamnoiu, Mihaela Stumbaum, Camelia Vlad, Kathrin Lindner, Christiaan Karreman, Marcel Leist, and Bastian Hengerer, University of Konstanz, Germany, Online Bioaffinity-Mass Spectrometry: New Tool for Simultaneous Detection, Structure Determination and Affinity Quantification of Protein-Ligand Interactions from Biological Material

Thursday afternoon: Workshop Standardization / Education

Standardization in AFM for Life Sciences: Mechanobiology, NP

Bringing AFM to life-science and hospital people: The educational side


Friday Morning MC Meeting

 Pierre Parot  COST Action Report    

Friday aftenoon: Round table on standardization



The Meetings will take place in Importanne Resort Hotels situated on Lapad peninsula only four kilometers from the Old Town of Dubrovnik and twenty-five kilometers from Dubrovnik's airport... more details here:

 Please note that the deadline written on the form is not valid any more and that they should book asap.


Participants are invited booking by themselves ASAP.