Working Groups Meeting, Lamorlaye, France 10-13 May 2011

Hotel of the Working Group meeting

  The first join WGs Meeting will be organized in Hostellerie du Lys

      63, 7e Avenue Lamorlaye, France.

Tel 33 (0)3 44 21 26 19


                                                                 Local Organizer: Pierre Parot



If you are a MC or WG member, you should Register to the website (top).
  Within 48 hours (max) you will be allowed  to access restricted areas (Please Sign In before).

Thank you to be patient.

Registration - Arrival - Departure - Your stay -

You will be accommodated in Hostellerie du Lys 4 days 3 nights all meals included.

 NOTE: only travel expenses (as defined in a previous message from the Chair) will be reimbursed for this meeting.

Please inform the registration page before April 15th, here!