WG Meeting Linz 2012 Contributions


Wouter Roos : Imaging and manipulation of pathogenic viruses by AFM

Animation on Virus Indentation by Wouter Roos

Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet : Characterisation of GM1 Nanodomains using High-Speed AFM

Simon Scheuring

Jean-Luc Pellequer : True atomic metrology of Tobacco Mosaic Virus using AFM imaging on self-assembled monolayers

Massimo Vassali : Multiscale characterization of a chimeric biomimetic polypeptide for stem cells scaffolding

Félix Rico : Probing mechanics and adhesion of membrane proteins with atomic force microscopy

Peter Schön : WG3: Nanomedecine, Nanodiagnosis and Nanosemsing

Kay Gottschalk

Ivan Sondi

Vesna Svetlicic / Jean-Nicolas Audinot

Amela Hozic

Julie Laloy : Impact of nanomaterials on human health: Strategies of the Namur Nanosafety Center (NNC)

Ricardo Garcia

Ferry Kienberger

Mervyn Miles

Neil Thomson : The future od SPM ?? "Getting out of Flatland"