A new Vademecum is necessary, its release is scheduled for 28 June 2013



Expenses are funded on the principle of the most economical overall expenditure.

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The most economical arrangement has to be considered when traveling by air. Therefore early booking is recommended. Originals or legible photocopies of the ticket (and the invoice if the price is not indicated on the ticket) have to be enclosed to the travel reimbursement request. Business class can only be reimbursed under exceptional conditions and needs the prior approval of the Grant Holder.... to read Vademecum Grant System full text click on the the two following links: Vademecum Grant System Part 1   Vademecum Grant System Part 2

If you are familiar with the previous version you only have to read the following documents:

2013 Changes in e-COST

2013 Changes in Vademecum


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