Hans Oberleithner

Nanomechanics and Sodium Permeability of Endothelial Surface Layer Modulated by Hawthorn Extract WS 1442 Wladimir Peters, Verena Drueppel, Kristina Kusche-Vihrog, Carola Schubert, Hans Oberleithner, PLoS ONE | www.plosone.org 1 January 2012 | Volume 7 | Issue 1 | e29972 

Two barriers for sodium in vascular endothelium? HANS OBERLEITHNER,  Annals of Medicine, 2012; Early Online: 1–6


Lamorlaye comments (2011)

As promised I have written a simple protocol how to gently fixate cells for AFM studies in fluid or air whatever is suitable.

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A one-page-protocol,

a methods paper that shows step by step how volume measurements can be done using AFM methods

and in addition 4 papers that show results obtained on fixated cells.  PAPER 1  PAPER 2 PAPER 3 PAPER 4

Please, remember that you can fixate cells in the "right moment" and thus "catch the cell in action". Particularly if we want to bring the AFM into Medicine as a diagnostic tool fixation would make life easier and more realistic.

As mentioned in our common discussion the other day fixated cells may even be suitable for nanomechanical measurements.

Just find out!

Good luck,